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Pirate News is a comprehensive online source dedicated to all gamblers all over the world. We are your provider of reliable content about gambling tips and strategies.


Detailed Reviews

Pirate News offers you unbiased and detailed reviews about various gambling sites on the web. We constructively criticize their bonus schemes, game selection, loyalty program, deposit options, and more. Through this, we can help you decide what online casino site to visit and play.


Updated Rankings

Through our reviews, we will rank down all the online gambling sites. They will be ordered from the best to the worst. Apart from our reviews, the ranking will be based on the opinions of gambling experts and other online reviews on the web. Our rankings will be updated daily to make sure you’ll have the best online gambling experience.


Gambling Strategies

Pirate News also educates you some helpful gambling tips and strategies to betting your skills. We specialize in sports betting, poker, baccarat, blackjack, slots, craps, and other casino games. Our experts are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.


News & Updates

Pirate News also brings you the news and updates about the gambling community. We will update you on the latest gambling events and tournaments, stories about your favorite gamblers, worldwide rankings, etc.



You can also join our community where you can interact with other gamblers all around the world. Here you can share your thoughts, insights, questions, and experiences in gambling.